Cayman Touring Awning


The Cayman Touring Caravan Awning is the perfect choice for families and first time caravanners who are looking for a inexpensive and reliable touring awning!

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The Cayman Touring Awning by Camptech is a low priced, high quality, full caravan awning. It is the perfect choice for families or first time caravanners that are looking for an affordable yet dependable awning.

The Cayman awning is perfect for touring and weekends away and is proven favourite with customers in. This model has been improved by the fitting of the new Techline easy glide zips adding to this awning’s amazing value for money. These easy glide zips allow for each panel to be partly or fully removed easily.

The Cayman awning is extremely easy to maintain. It has been made from Camptech’s Climatech SR17 coated polyester material, ensuring it is hard wearing and easy to clean. The awning can be kept well ventilated with thanks to the large ventilation panel which is located on the front apex that can be open or closed.

The Cayman caravan awning can be extended with the use of annexes which can be attached to either or both sides of the awning, creating extra space for guests to sleep or storage of furniture. To keep the Cayman awning more secure, there is the option to purchase Techline Secure straps which are easily attached to the buckles sewn at either side of the awning.

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Size 4 (725-750cm), Size 5 (750-775cm), Size 6 (775-800cm), Size 7 (800-825cm), Size 8 (825-850cm), Size 9 (850-875cm), Size 10 (875-900cm), Size 11 (900-925cm), Size 12 (925-950cm), Size 13 (950-975cm), Size 14 (975-1000cm), Size 15 (1000-1025cm), Size 16 (1025-1050cm), Size 17 (1050-1075cm), Size 18 (1075-1100cm), Size 19 (1100-1125cm)


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Sizes: Available in sizes 4-19 (Fits caravan 725 cm to 1125 cm)

Colour: Anthracite/Light Grey

Weight: 23.5kg approx. (Size 8)

Roof Material: Climatech SR18R All Season Coated Polyester

Wall Material: Climatech SR17 All Season Coated Polyester

Frame: 22mm/ 25mm Steel fitted with unique Griploc Clamps

Front Panels: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out

Side Panels: Both panels are fitted with a door and can be zipped out Ventilation opening in the front section that can be closed with a zipped panel

Included: Uniloc Pads, Techline Zips, Draft Skirt, Wheel Arch Cover (with clear suction pads), Curtains, Heavy Duty Nylon Pegs, Ladder Bands, Peg Bag.